The Scenario

16 visionary, 16 successful enterpreneurs met in Valpolicella to design the future in the wine making with a strong connection with sustainability, ethic and respect of the territory. 18th May, San Pietro in Cariano, Verona: in the unforgettable beauty of Tenute Salvaterra the first Salvaterra Day has taken place, an appointment created to ‘Design the future of the wine’. The chef Massimo Bottura, the professor Luca Mercalli, the economist Gunter Pauli, the landscape architect Anna Marson, 16 big professionals coming from different sectors met in order to gather their experiences and ideas with the common goal to define a sustainable and ethical future, also valuable for the wine ‘the best Italian ambassador in the world’ as Paolo Fontana said, ceo of Tenute Salvaterra and ideator of this event.

The Challenge

For the Salvaterra Day, Mailander and Relazioni Digitali conceived a 360° communication plan, started with the event organization, speakers relations, invitation, public engagement. The agency worked on media relations and press office to enhance the event and its storytelling. The digital approach was very impactful about innovation and cultural changing. A landing page was created to support the event and the social media management was carried before, during and after the event. During the Salvaterra Day, the new media communication covered the entire event with the hashtag #GiornataSalvaTerra, that was an Italian trending topic. The Social Wall supported the debate, the speech and QA sessions, through big monitors behind the speakers, creating interaction and UCG.