The Scenario

MAUTO has always been a landmark of Italian Automotive culture, enhancing the great historical and cultural heritage of the motor vehicle and offering a complete and engaging series of experiences. The collection of over 200 original cars from 80 different brands is enriched by thematic routes and many initiatives periodically conceived by the museum, as well as the participation in national and international events. In accordance with its historic international vocation, MAUTO is part of the Big Five, the network of the most important European museums dedicated to cars. The museum aims to strengthen its position nationally and internationally thanks to projects with a global visibility, supported by Mailander and Digital Relations (R & D).

The Challenge

Mailander and Relazioni Digitali support the museum by strengthening the brand visibility as a touristic destination. The consultancy embraces all the integrated communication – press office, social media management, events and media relations. The agencies aim to position MAUTO on a global level, enhancing its history and its spot among Automotive Museums.