The Scenario

Lagrange12 is part of the exclusive club of the 100 Best Shops of Camera Italiana dei Buyer della Moda (Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers). Mailander attended the communication plan and the organization of the opening event of the new store, multi brand of luxury, created by Dimorestudio and handled by the Gruppo Building (Building Group) with a project of (by) Gianni Peroni.

The Challenge

To celebrate Turin’s stile and launch the fall/winter season Lagrange12 and Mailander have chosen Palazzo Carignano (Carignano Palace), first (elegant) Italian Parliament. Within the baroque and neoclassic lines (configuration/contour) of the historical courtyard, the Fall Winter Welcome Party has been enriched (enhanced) by a great fashion show with renowned (esteemed) characters (personalities) from the fashion Industry, a runway endorsed by big brands, artistic and musical performances.