Case history

Benvenuto Brunello.

The Scenario

Benvenuto Brunello is the most important event in Montalcino, the best moment to present the production of Brunello, Rosso, and all the other denominations on the territory that are to be launched on the market. During the last 25 years Benvenuto Brunello interact with the Italian and international press and the field operators. From this year, 2017, Brunello decided to open also to a small number of wine lovers from all over the world.

The Challenge

The presence of more than 5.000 visitors during the 4 days helped to enhance the all territory, the producers, the traditions and the values that are the essence of the wine. In 2017 the challenge for Mailander is even stronger: telling the new concept of Benvenuto Brunello event, not only for insiders and specialized press but open to the public, maintaining a high profile and exclusivity not only for the business.