Case history

Alba White Truffle International Fair.

The Scenario

In 2016 the Alba White Truffle International Fair, that has reached its 86th edition, has chosen to entrust Mailander with the exhibition’s communication for the the next three years.
An event, that in only a couple of months, attracts every year more than 100 thousand persons and maneuvers more than 600 thousand persons to the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato territories, locations that UNESCO has declared World heritage.

The Challenge

To go beyond excellence aiming to build a system around which the international attractiveness of a territory can grow even more and to guarantee an integrated and consistent development: this is the challenge that Mainlander undertook with a national and international communication plan. The main focus is to expand the Alba White Truffle International Fair through brand awareness, improve its destination placement and open new communication paths for both market and product typology.